A view from high above (Oh Canada)


I remember talking nonsense
With my fellow rabble
Building a tower
In that cute little town of Babel

The big foreman said
As big men will want to do
Cut off the gabbing
Or there will be words with all of you

I think I mocked my dissent
With a No or a Nyet
Can’t speak to my mates now
Without a translation of their gazette

Still don’t understand the big guy
From my perspective down here
Giving us hugs, all kinds of delights
Yet I miss my friends, got me crying in my beer

Someday I’ll ask
Why did you pull us apart
Was it so that one fine autumn day
We’d find each others heart?

Naked and cold


Forgive us
We trampled roses
Feeling them weeds
We cornered hearts as thieves
We didn’t let them thrive
For being what they are
The other way
We looked
Upon stars
Wonder from afar
While our eyes wandered
Loved ones squandered
Over here in the garden
Needing care
Right where we left them


If you don’t let them see the enormity of heart living in your words, how will they ever swim in your soul.

Old friends

My mind preoccupied
Not in obsession
More like sharing my day
As with a friend who walks the forest floor
Content to share the sun and distant waterfall roar

Till one day
Will nod and I will know
It is time to go

Will old familiar feelings wash over me for one last swim
Or a warm deep smile spread my face in gratitude

There are no bags to pack for that journey
No way of knowing for there will be only one time for that goodbye

The sun again beckons for it has shown its face on a brand new day

“You belong
to the quietness
of morning,
laying softly
on the wings
of the feathery wind,
stretching long
across fields
peppered with
geranium and hyacinth,
small bees
nuzzling your cheeks
like sweet,
buzzing cats,
with eyes that
drift through
thickets of
white fluffy cloud,
onto the
razor thin rays
of a woken sun,
you’re one
for the creeks
and one for
the rolling hills,
but my darling,
it’s during the war
with steel canons
pointed straight
at my heart
that I need you,
like a momentous rain,
in the chaos
of a firefight,
to hobble through
the sinking swamps
of anger
that pulse
right behind my brow,
when the world
seeps into my back,
you belong
to the quietness
of morning,
but I will
always beg of you
while I’m gripped
by the strong fist of night”


You Belong To The Quietness Of Morning - BM (via beardedmusing)


(via rebelez29)

(via rebelez29)



I see life the way you do
I feel the same maelstrom;
busy days fade to gloam
pausing long enough to catch
cloud’s play amongst the stars
maybe that is why our silence
never burdens us, rather a
soul string of understanding
tugged by constant missing
and unrelenting trust


Climb onto the back of the beast,
be not clenched by it’s claws
but take flight on it’s feathers,
toughened by the teeth
that killed you not.

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Autumn beckons and
Summers dress falls to the floor
In bold confidence



Autumn beckons and
Summers dress falls to the floor
In bold confidence


What is missed...


My God, I miss you. Your presence, the heated shadow in my periphery. The echoing pang to every hunger known, the constancy in flow, the vigor that awashed my sight, the illumination that crowned my head, the vibrancy in my eyes and the blood letting on paper…

the softness
of my lips,…

Awake me well before the morn
Kiss my lips from dusk to dawn